Strategy Room
Strategy Room
The Strategy Room - a graphic showing a person operating a tablet
National Innovation Awards winner 2023 - making amazing experiences

The Strategy Room

The Strategy Room is an immersive experience which uses facilitated deliberation, interactive polling and collective intelligence to identify the climate change policies that will best help each local area to reach net zero emissions.

It’s a way for people to walk in off the street, and within 90 minutes imagine together the benefits of a Net Zero future, and help create a strategy for their local area on how to get there.

A first-of-its-kind experiment in innovative public participation and collective intelligence, The Strategy Room bridges the gap between large but superficial surveys and small scale focus groups or citizen assemblies.

The Strategy Room collects anonymised data on participant’s preferred strategies and shows how views shifted during group discussions. The data on people’s choices is open and available for anyone to explore, and for local councils to download and use for decision-making. Data updates regularly as more people participate in the project.

The Strategy Room is a collaboration between Nesta’s Centre for Collective Intelligence Design, Digital Studio Fast Familiar, and UCL’s Climate Action Unit.

If you are a local authority and would like to take part in our nationwide roll-out, please register your interest.